3/25/2020 Update - Final Early Access Update

Hello everyone!

New week new update! This week marks the last Early Access update to War for Athelay. It includes new graphics, tweaks to the maps, and lots of other additions that help fill the game out!

New Enhancements

Map sizes have been updated. Previously maps were always somewhere between 12-14 tiles in length and width. We’ve now made it where each chapter after the first grows in size by 1 on each dimension. So chapter 2 maps are 12-15 tiles in size, and chapter 3 maps are 12-16 tiles in size. This should allow for more space for the enemy units to spawn along with allowing more variety for the maps.

In addition to map sizes, the healing tile graphics have been updated. Previously they were tents but we didn’t feel that really fit the aesthetic of the game so we’ve updated them to be garages.

Finally we’ve updated the enemy AI to no longer just idle far away from the player for the entire arena. Now after round 5 any enemy that hasn’t spotted a player unit will increase it’s spotting distance by 1 tile until it hits a player’s unit. This will stop the 1 or 2 units that spawn in the top right corner from just sitting around the whole match and the player having to use 2-3 rounds just to move to them at the end of the arena.

New Abilities

Assassin, and Sniper have received new Special Abilities, while Lancer, and Saber have received new Unique Traits. 

Six new General Traits have been added.

New Items

Added different types of bombs to go along with the currently available bomb.

Added poison items which will do damage over time to enemy units.

Added a new rare item that allows the player to skip non boss arena.

Added new buff items that can be used on your units that last the entire arena.

New Events and Rewards

Added 4 new Events and 4 new Town Rewards.


Changed the Famine Event to fix an issue where no option could be selected.

Fixed a long running issue where some AI units weren’t properly aggroed.


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