3/4/2020 Update

Hello everyone!

For the next Early Access version of War for Athelay, we have a quality of life change, some new passive abilities, a new special ability, and some minor additions and changes.

Happiness Displayed in Unit Selection List

The happiness system was previously added to add a new complexity to your units, but we realized an issue was that players had no way of determining when a unit was going to go into an arena with a buff or debuff. Now, to the left of the unit’s name is an icon which will show that unit’s current happiness. You can hover over the icon to see their exact happiness amount.

New Abilities

[video-to-gif output image]

Saber, Lancer, Jet, and Hacker all have new passive abilities. Jet’s previous Charge special was renamed to Trample while their Ram special was changed to stun enemies instead of having its attack be buffed based on distance traveled. Sniper now has a new special ability, Rapid Fire.

Other Updates and Enhancements

Health increases upon level ups are now slightly randomized.

The new event “Bandits” has been added.


The Unit Selection Window has been updated to show Training Ground instead of Quest.

The bomb ability can no longer be given as a special ability via events.

The Unit Hover Window now properly shows passive abilities.

Fixed item names overlapping with the cost in the shop.

Specials can now be used after using energy items.


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Mar 04, 2020

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