3/18/2020 Update

Hello everyone!

We’re here with another new update! This week we’ve got some new features as well as the addition of new abilities, events, and town rewards.

New Enhancements

Passive abilities are now called Traits as some of them now expand outside of the normal arena benefits, so we felt the title of Trait was more fitting. Also, in order to help balance things, enemy unit levels are now restricted to certain ranges per chapter. The particular ranges are subject to change, but we hope this will make the game feel a bit better and that you’re actually progressing as the enemy units won’t always scale directly with your units. As far as graphics go, the energy and damage tiles have new looks!

In addition to that, we added the functionality to be able to reload a previous seed. When you play a run, you can go to the pause menu to see the seed for that run. On the main menu you can choose an option to reload a previous seed. This will allow you to give a challenging run a second shot, or play the same run as a friend to see who does better!

New Abilities

Hacker, Jet, Lancer, and Saber have received new Special Abilities, and one new General Trait has been added.

New Events and Rewards

Added the Discontent event and the Extra Action Town Reward.


Fixed where the Unit Selection Window didn’t show N/A for traits.
Fixed various UI text being incorrect or overflowing.
Fixed units not being available when finishing training in an arena.


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Mar 18, 2020

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