3/11/2020 Update

Hello everyone!

For the next Early Access version of War for Athelay, we’ve continued to fill out the game with new Special Sbilities, Passive Abilities, Events, and Items.

New Enhancements

We’ve updated when abilities are given to units. Previously abilities were given every other level alternating between Special Abilities and Passive Abilities. Now we give abilities on every level up until the unit is capped on each ability type (4 Special and 4 Passive).

We’ve also added General Passive Abilities that are available for any unit to receive regardless of their unit type. Each unit will receive 2 unique Passive Abilities and 2 General Passive Abilities.

New Abilities

Assassin, Healer, and Sniper have received new Passive Abilities, while Assassin and Healer also received Special Abilities.

Added 5 General Passive Abilities.

New Events and Rewards

Added the Traveling Band, Famine and Training Arena events.

Added the Full Heal, Full Energy, Mid Arena Heal, and Supercharge Town Rewards.


Fixed all units spawning in the top right corner in some scenarios.

Fixed Haste Special Ability not working with the Trample Special Ability.

Fixed Passive Abilities Help Page not loading.


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Version Version 20200415 Apr 15, 2020

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