2/13/2020 Update - Happiness and New City Location

Hey everyone,

Today we’re releasing our first update to the Early Access version of War for Athelay! This update adds in a new feature along with some other smaller bugs and enhancements.


Happiness is a new system we’re adding to increase some of the strategy between what units you have available and what units you use in arenas. Currently the game leans a little too much towards a single team of units, which is okay but shouldn’t feel like it’s the only way to play. Now each unit will have a happiness value that will be used to determine some of their “effectiveness” in the arena. The happier the unit the better it performs!


To help players with keeping their units happy we’ve introduced a new location to the city, the Pub. This is where you can send units to drink and socialize with other people in the city to restore their happiness value. Units sent to the pub will feel more energized during their next arena!

Bugs and Enhancements

Fixed issue with Unit health bar showing behind tile highlight layer

Updated Credits Menu

Refactored some files


War for Athelay Early Access Release 33 MB
Feb 13, 2020

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