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Puzzle Compound is an online cooperative multiplayer, puzzle solving game where you and up to 3 friends gather clues, work together and explore multiple locations with the goal of escaping.

Complete a wide variety of puzzles that will make wrack your brain.

  • Test your intellect and problem solving skills
  • Unique puzzles per map
  • Complete timed challenges

Work together in groups of 2-4 friends to escape the map. 

  •  Split the party (sometimes you won’t have a choice) 
  •  Share information with your team 
  •  Coordinate to solve team puzzles

Search rooms for clues that will help you solve the puzzles. 

  •  Look behind paintings 
  •  Move items 
  •  Uncover secrets

Explore different maps with unique styles, and puzzles to solve.

  • Mansion Experience (Available in Demo) - Gain access to many rooms of a mansion to find various artifacts. Can you return them to their designated places?
  • Castle Experience - Your team has been warped to a lost castle. No party who has found it has returned alive. Can you escape it successfully?
  • Heist Experience - In an effort to “retire early”, your party has arrived at a bank for its next score. Can you get access to the vault?

While exploring the many maps of Puzzle Compound you'll encounter varying levels of challenges and puzzles while searching and gathering clues that will help you progress. Will you and your friends be able to surmount the many puzzles that await you?



  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Partial Controller Support (need mouse to open the game)



  • yuGtramS (Trey)
  • MattEqualsCoder (Matt)


puzzle-compound-windows-demo.zip 793 MB
Version Demo_20220917 10 days ago

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Great game, played with a friend and we loved it. The vibe and mechanics of the game were excellent. Only problem we came across was with the card puzzle, it didn't give us an item at first even though the cards were in the correct spots, after replacing all of them it finally worked though.

Thanks for the feedback! We'll try to take a look at that to see if we can figure out what might have happened.

Thx you for your game! We played it with freinds and we love it!

Thanks! We appreciate it! Hope you look forward to the final release later this year.

Is there any way I can play this game alone?

I'm sorry, but the game is designed around there being 2-4 players as there are some puzzles that require at least two players and communicating with each other. The online service provider we use also doesn't allow the same computer to connect twice.  Theoretically if you have two computers you could host on one and join with the other and switch between the two when needed, but I can't promise the best experience with that.